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Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen!

This is ScrapMan bringing you access to exclusive benefits in return for your support in my quest to be the very best, like no one ever was!  Or at least be a moderately successful Youtuber capable of paying his own bills and eating enough to survive. Youtube isn't the most stable career choice, but it is something I take pride in and strive to do well.  This is where you can help make my Youtube adventures a bit more stable, and ease my mind from pondering the next ADpocalypse. 

Who is ScrapMan?

I am just a man who was suddenly a Youtuber.  I started making videos shortly before uprooting my life and moving out of a place of familiarity, diving into the scary unknown.  Fortunately, my videos started to unexpectedly pick up traction and I realized I might be able to make something out of this.  So I took a chance and devoted all my time and resources into making the channel what it is now.  Honestly, if it wasn't for people like you finding my channel and watching my videos, this transition would have gone a lot worse.  I stumbled into the dark, not knowing what to expect, and was greeted warmly by so many amazing viewers!  This just motivates me to keep on going harder!

Why Patreon?

As many of you know, Youtube ad revenue can be extremely unreliable.  It fluctuates with school times, seasons, holidays, and even news drama.  This can make it a very stressful thing to rely on.  Patreon is something that is much more concrete and consistent month to month.  It provides extra piece of mind and a bit more of a personal connection between my channel and my more dedicated fans.  Even the smallest of donations can offset a huge amount of views on Youtube.  So that is why my supporters here get access to rewards that the average viewer won't get.  You are making a bigger difference to my channel than I could ever ask for, so that deserves a little something in return!

Thank you! 

Even if you can't afford to support me directly on Patreon, the fact that you checked this page out and read this far means you have invested more time into me as a person than a vast majority of my viewers.  I am more than just a Youtube channel to you, I am a person.  So thank you for recognizing that and coming to learn a bit more about ScrapMan!

48% complete
Monthly Patreon-Only Vlog!

With this amount of support, I would be extremely grateful.  The security level of my livelihood would be greatly enhanced.  I will upload a monthly Patreon-Only vlog directed to all of you, and as a response to all of you.  I'll take questions and requests on what you'd like to see in the video and try to incorporate them as best I can!
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