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Comics for Life
$2,500 per month
If we can hit this milestone, I’ll look to dish out the funniest comic conceivable each week, until the end of time.
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If we can breach the $5K level, each and every current Patron will get a funny custom poster designed and sent wherever they fancy!
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If we can cross this lofty goal, we’re going to take Screaming Social to the silver screen with a new animated video each month!


I’m a full-time geek that likes to dabble in comics, graphic design, web development and writing.


Pittsburgh, PA, USA
I want to keep people laughing and help put our digital-dependent lives into better perspective.

What Do You Get?

$5/month: Are you familiar with the concept of Sunday comics? Well you get them delivered to your inbox on Saturday now instead! From now on, it’s like you can travel in time.

$10/month: Have some burning questions about social media or technology that need answered? Like how to actually control your privacy on Facebook? Get access to our private suggestion and Q&A group, where your best questions are answered with comical illustrations! Our digital lives are cholk-full of strange, sad, humorous facts, and this comic looks to scream these truths across the Interweb and finally bring these matters to light… or at least to make light of them.

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$50/month: Get a hilarious new t-shirt sent to you every month. Not only will you be the life of any party, you’ll now be looking pretty sharp too in 100% geek-approved cotton wear.

$100/month: Every month we’ll send you a new poster printed on enhanced matte paper. Each edition is sure to tickle you pink while also revealing the hidden truths about social media and technology. Imagine if your favorite social networks and tech companies actually told you the truth, too?

About Me
I’m a full-time geek that likes to dabble in comics, graphic design, web development and writing. I also dedicate most of my time to running DashBurst, a new social network that looks to empower content creators and thinkers. In fact, please feel free to share your favorite Patreon campaigns – or any of your other work – on DashBurst to get more exposure.


That’s where I publish these comics, amongst a community of other designers, illustrators and patrons of the arts like yourself.

By becoming a patron here and now, you can help shape this comic into a voice of hilarious reason for many digital generations to come!

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