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About ScreenScraper


Foreword :
Attention: The association of your donation to your ScreenScraper account can not be done automatically. It is thus manually that this association is carried out generally in less than 24 hours. Do not forget to leave a message indicating your ScreenScraper nickname in order to facilitate the validation of your donation. Thank you all!

Note also that the counterparties are not cumulative: donations> 10 euros do not give entitlement to additional threads.

Let's start by explaining what Scraping is :
To put it simply, you have a Frontend to emulate your old video games (Hyperspin, RecalBox, Retropie, Etc ...) and Roms. Thanks to scraping you will automatically retrieve the information from the ScreenScraper site on your favorite games such as:

- Game information (release date, number of players, developer, publisher ... ..)
- The synopsis of the game in your language.
- And especially different media (Screenshot, Video, Wheel, Fan Art, Manual, Tips, Hyperspin
Themes, Cartridges / Cd / Dk7 in 3d, boxes in 2d and 3d ...
- And still lots of nice things to brighten your favorite Frontend and live the Retro Gaming fully.

ScreenScraper :

ScreenScraper is a site created to facilitate the collection and redistribution of free community (creative common) data and media from retro video games. We have a consistent base of contributors. And we grow every day a little more.
To prove it here are some statistics in the month of January 2021 :

Systems: 218
Games: 144277
Roms: 647502
Tips & Tricks: 5443
Wheel: 60342
Screenshot: 90175
Box Texture: 68399
Label Texture: 34624
Marquee: 2348
Themes (HS): 1935
System Overlay: 137

Here's how the site works :

- Collection of information :
It allows everyone (after free registration) to propose additional texts and / or graphics in order to extend or correct the existing ScreenScraper database. To do this, just consult the list of the games of the different systems (arcade, consoles, portable consoles, microcomputer, ...) already included in our database and then click on the name of the game concerned by the addition or the modification of data or media and then propose the participation via the forms included in the General Information oe Media page of the game in question.

- Quality & Moderation :
In order to manage the quality of the information / media provided, each proposal is either validated or refused (incorrect data, non-compliant or poor quality media) by one of our moderators. This in order to ensure the best to our users.

- ScreenScraper projects :
A project is the name given to a specific task to be accomplished by a set of participants. The site allows to segment the tasks to be carried out in order to efficiently expand the ScreenScraper database. It allows to define priorities, to propose a method of participation for any good will.

- Redistribution of information :
Data and media from the ScreenScraper database are redistributed free of charge (after opening a free developer account via our Web Service API allowing any Front-End or Utility developer to include in its program the recovery (Scrape) any data and / or media from any game of any system included in ScreenScraper.

- Reliable information :
Thanks to our system of encrypted association (calculation CRC / MD5) of files roms / isos or file (pack no-intro, tosec, retrobution, Hyperspin, etc ..) to our list of games, For users, to get the right information from the right game! Exit the galley of the "roms" files badly named


We would like to be able to remunerate developers and administrators dedicated to the infrastructure and evolution of the site and the API in order to ensure that we can provide quality and speed of our services to the large and rapidly growing number of users.


Additional dedicated threads for scraping with the many scrap softwares with integrated multi-threaded download support so you can scrap faster ! (much faster !)

$2,000 - reached! per month
$ 2,000 collected per monthThis amount would allow the developer of the ScreenScraper website to devote full time to the evolution, improvement, administration and moderation of the site.
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