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About scrublord466

General Info

I am a senior in High school. I was bored during the summer and decided to work on a OfflineTv fan game. I had thought of just creating the game for myself, to get experience on game making and art. As I worked on the game i wanted to work more, I was flooded with ideas and concepts for the game. I had decided to stopped working on the game when school started. But I couldn't stop myself, I still have many ideas. 

The Game

The game is essentially a tap to play game, consisting the cast of OfflineTv. Currently the game only consists 2 levels- Lilypichu and Fedmyster. They are pretty bare bones at this point. I still have a lot of ideas for the levels but now i have school and jobs to worry about. I would love to keep working on the game and add more levels and concepts, but need your help to do so!

Next Level

The next level of the game will be based on Pokimane. The level will have Poki become an angel and sore through the skies evading "Foki is Real" or "THICC" birds in the sky. That's only a snippet of what i have in store for the level.

The Final Product

I will keep updating the game with new levels/concepts as long as you want me to. But for now my idea for the game is sort of a dynamic level system, where you keep playing and around 200 points you enter a portal which will lead you to a new level, As you go through each level they will be unlocked for you on your level map. This dynamic level will follow a story/meme based on OTV.

I would love to gather support from the community and continue to work on this passion project of mine!

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I will continue working on the game.
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