Claudette Bleijenberg

is creating figurative sculpture in fired clay and bronze.

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Just the beginning! This tier is for patrons who appreciate my artistic endeavors and would like to get a behind the scenes glimpse of what it's all about.  For all those who will contribute $5.00 or more per month, I will provide patron-only access to posts, messages and content thru members only website content that includes:
  • Competition, exhibition and awards announcements and schedules
  • Preview shots of upcoming finished work and  works in progress
  • Editorials describing inspiration for works in progress, and how I decide what muse I will follow
  • Techniques, methods, materials, my favorite tools and more to achieve different affects
  • Early access to content
  • Patron-only posts and messages

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Like what you see and want more?  This tier gives patrons access to all the behind the scenes posts, messages and early content, as well as discounts on works sold on Etsy and SaatchiArt.  As gratitude for new patrons, you will receive a sticker with a sculpture photo from my website.  As part of my artistic process, I photograph works to analyze, correct and emphasize themes.  You will have access to these photos (both past and current works), including photos of accidents and wayward pieces. 

  • Patron-only posts and messages
  • 5% discount on works for sale on Etsy and SaatchiArt
  • Sticker with Patreon's choice of sculpture image
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Becoming more invested, this tier gives you all the perks of the previous tiers, and goes a step beyond.  I professionally photograph all my own works seen on my website, with the photography available for sale on SaatchiArt.  All patron's supporting me with a $15 per month contribution will receive a 8" x 10" signed and framed photograph of your choice of a sculpture from my collection.  Additionally, you will be personally thanked and listed as a patron on my website and social media outlets.
  • Early access to content
  • Small framed and signed photograph of a sculptural piece
  • Patron shout-out
  • 10% discount on works for sale on Etsy and SaatchiArts
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About Claudette Bleijenberg

Hello!  My name is Claudette Bleijenberg and I am a figurative sculptor inspired by the human figure.  I am currently based in San Francisco, California. I have been creating sculptures for over ten years. My body of work mainly focuses on the strength and fierceness of the female spirit. Through my art, I portray different interpretations of beauty and challenge predetermined notions of beauty standards—both masculine and feminine. I believe that the human body and its varied presentations are inherently beautiful and work to capture that view in my art.
I primarily work with water-based clay and cast bronze. I also work with wax, hydrocal, plaster, and mold making. Some of my sculptural finishes include colored wax, glazes, stains, and raku. By using a variety of mediums, I strive to highlight the beauty found in the lines and curves of the human body and depict the strength and vulnerability found within.

Why support my Patreon? 
My Patreon is a platform for me to share my work with others in a more intimate manner. A way for me to continue the continuous development of my practice. I want to share with you how I develop my visions and explore new philosophies and sensibilities through my new collections.
With your support, I hope to devote my time and resources fully to my sculptural work. I want to freely continue my artistic vision of capturing human experiences and expressions, both on an intimate and universal level. I want to highlight and explore human spatial relationships and interactions with the environment. More specifically, I want to focus on the effect created by physical spaces, emotions, and even cultures.
Patrons will be offered behind the scenes exclusive access, early preview to my works in progress, and other perks depending on their support tier. Artworks given as part of the reward tiers are original creations by me and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Thank you for supporting my art!

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