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About Catfood McFly

Hello there, fin fans! If you're here, you've probably either bought a copy of Shark Dating Simulator XL or maybe seen a let's play about it.

I'm a full time Comic Art student from the UK, and over the summer decided to finish a project I'd started back at Christmas - my own dating simulator. Somehow this got mixed up with the Tsundere Shark meme and lo! Shark Dating Simulator was born.

Around that time Steam retired greenlight and switched to their Steam Partner model instead. I decided to invest what was pretty well the last $100 I had into buying the rights to put my own game on Steam. But unlike Google Play's strictly SFW version I could let loose a little bit.

Even before it came out, SDSXL was attracting notice and some quite vocal criticism for even existing. But I decided, as stupid as it might be, to release the game how I wanted it to be, complete with an approach to humour that didn't spend any time second-guessing if somebody might find a joke offensive before I made it. Why wonder, why you know for a fact someone's going to find it offensive?

Well, now SDSXL is available on Steam!

Shark Dating Simulator XL on Steam

As it's my first game and only a little Visual Novel at this early access stage it's retailing for 1 dollar which is as low as Steam allows you to go without being free. There's lots I want to add to the game though, three other stories for a start - and so if you feel you would like to support me beyond your initial one dollar, here's where you're very welcome to do so!

Thanks for dropping in!

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