Sea Hawkers Podcast is creating a show for Seattle Seahawks football fans

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Welcome to the flock! You'll get a shout out on the show, access to any bonus content we create, and a podcast sticker  exclusive to supporters on Patreon.
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An invite to our patron-only pick 'em league with giveaways exclusive to this group. (Includes rewards at previous levels)
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Cleanse your Hawkra for the upcoming year with a monthly 20.18 donation.
Better at Life
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Commemorating number 25 with this level -- the man who inspired our final segment of the show every week. Nominate someone for a spot in "Better at Life." (Includes rewards at 12.12 levels)
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Congratulations. You're now an official associate producer for each episode. Feel free to use it on your resume and we'll credit you on the show.