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THANK YOU! Everything helps. You will receive a digital download of all stories sponsored by this Patreon, and have access to items as I post them.

Toast party goer

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DOUBLE THANK YOU! In addition to new fiction, every month, you will be invited to a hangout about, among other things, this month's toaster. Is it a real toaster? Is it a lawnmower? No one knows. I mean, I don't even know. It's a mystery! Funding a mystery is fun, right?

Poetry and pastry

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NOW I CAN BUY TOAST. Everything above, plus access to The Poetry Project. Starting July 1st, 2017, I will be endeavoring to follow in Jane Yolen's footsteps and post a poem every day for a year. Structured, free verse, whatever; it'll be on the Poetry Project blog, and you'll get to see it first.




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About Seanan McGuire

I'm Seanan McGuire, John W. Campbell Award winner, New York Times Bestseller, and owner of ridiculously oversized cats (seriously, they're the size of corgis). I release an average of five books per year, and have since 2009, including the October Daye series, the InCryptid series, and more, all under my own name. As Mira Grant, I am the author of the Newsflesh and Parasitology series, mixing fringe science with hard science fiction. I don't sleep very much.

It is entirely possible to spend a year's book budget on me already, especially if you're someone who wants to collect all the anthologies and essay collections that I am a part of. I realize and fully understand this, because hoo, boy, I'm not sure I'd be able to keep up with me if I weren't me.  Which is part of why I haven't set up a Patreon before now.

Up until very recently, I lived in a crumbling farmhouse in Northern California with my mother, sister, housemate, and the aforementioned gigantic cats. We purchased the house in 1998, before the real estate boom. Sadly, it was not in particularly good shape then, and wasn't in particularly good shape when circumstances aligned to shift me up the coast toward Seattle.

Moving is expensive, and in this case, it was not a wholly expected expense. Also, well. I had been living with my housemate for twenty years, between the apartment we were in before the house and the house itself, and it's a little surprising how many things I don't own. This is essentially a divorce, after all: somebody gets the cat and somebody gets the couch. (We were not romantically involved, but a twenty year co-habitation is a common law marriage in many states.) Since I was not going to give up my cats, I am down a lot of couches.

So many couches.

And thus...

This is a Patreon with a purpose: to buy me a new toaster, where "toaster" is a way of saying "thing I need for the house." (Amusingly, an actual toaster is on the list of things I need to get.) Some months, the toaster will be painting a room or buying a bookshelf, or a scanner, or a new desk that actually gives me room to work. Other months, the toaster will be that actual toaster I mentioned.

Because this is a Patreon with a purpose, I'm not planning to keep it running forever. The current intent is one year from start to finish: twelve toasters, whatever shape those toasters may assume. Each month, I intend to post a short video or blog article to introduce the newest toaster, because it appeals to my sense of whimsy. I understand that Patreon doesn't come with accountability, and I don't feel like I need to provide toaster receipts or anything like that, but this is how I can get myself to do this thing.

And I need to do this thing. I really, really need to do this thing. Did I mention that moving is expensive?


Patreon means patronage, in the old, "I pay people to create for me" sense of the word. So what you are going to get from supporting this Patreon is exactly what it says on the tin. You're going to get fiction. Most of it will be virtual, delivered electronically. If you back at the higher levels, some of it will be physical. (I have kept these levels extremely limited, because fulfillment is not one of my great strengths, and I need to be able to actually write the things I'm promising. Also, the point here is to buy toasters, not to spend all my toaster money on mailing things around the world. That gets spendy fast.)

By supporting this Patreon, you will be effectively doing what my ad hoc tip jar has done for the last several years: you will be allowing me to prioritize stories that otherwise might not have been able to rise to the top of the priority list. Unlike the tip jar, however, there is not a pre-existing list of which stories will be prioritized: supporters of the Patreon will be able to have a say on what I work on. Which is not something I usually do, so that's exciting!

Backers will receive digital copies of all of the work made possible by this Patreon, plus additional “per Thing” rewards at various backer and milestone levels. There's a possibility that some of those short stories will reappear elsewhere, either sold to magazines or anthologies as reprints, or (in the case of things set in one of my ongoing universes) as free downloads on my website. But the backers of this Patreon will get to read and enjoy them long before anyone else.

I'm hoping to produce one thing a month for the length of the Toaster Project, giving you twelve new stories of varying lengths and giving me a little breathing room as I fight my way through this huge and unexpected expense.

I've met me. Many of these stories will happen anyway. But you can make them happen sooner, and you can help me make a house a home by giving me the ability to buy a toaster.
$2,500 - reached! per Short Stories
It's time for more Tybalt!  If this goal is met for year two, I will add three more Tybalt shorts to the list.  These stories will be written even if they fall outside the scope of the Toaster Project.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 375 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 375 exclusive posts

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