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About Sean Archer

Welcome to my Patreon

This is me throwing out the question, "What if I had more time to actually MAKE ALL THE ARTZ?!!"

What if the income thing was sorted, so that I could spend all my time working on things that enrich people's lives instead of doing that only when I get home from a dayjob and hopefully not collapsing on the couch? 

You honor me by coming here and even considering becoming a patron. I have some great incentives to check out, but I mostly want to thank you for being with me on this ride. I'm still going to keep making as much art, web-comics, music, and good writing as I can, but your patronage will help me do more and more.

I'm setting this as a monthly, because I'm making so many things throughout a month that I feel like it makes more sense than a per-unit kind of setup. 

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This would mean materials are largely taken care of for the month. Might mean that I have a little extra to play around with new formats. It would be fantastic and I'd be really grateful. 
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