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I am a full-time musician, and I have traditionally supported myself by giving music lessons and live performing. My main instrument is saxophone, and my woodwind doubles are flute and clarinet. I worked as a saxophonist with Carnival Cruise Lines at sea for a year. I've also been playing guitar and songwriting since I was a teen. I studied music in post-secondary, and received a Masters Degree in 2007. 

Since I returned to my hometown, it has become impossible to continue performing professionally as a saxophonist. In 2015, I decided to reinvent myself as a "one-man-band" act where I play cover songs with a guitar, loop pedal, and my woodwind instruments. I believed that if I could put all of my instruments into one act, it would be a unique sound and experience.

Currently, I'm in the process of recording and releasing original songs. I released a rock album in 2002, a jazz EP in 2015 under the name Sean Hully Jazz Group, and in June 2019, the single Go About Your Business.

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