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A monthly short story or poem!

(Or, heck, possibly even a script)

Once a month, I will release a brand new short story, poem, or (more rarely) a short script. 
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Behind the scenes access!

In addition to the poem, short story or script I release each month, this reward tier will also grant you access to annotations on each poem, short story, or script I release: why I wrote what I wrote, any deeper meanings I was aiming for, that sort of palaver.

You should realize that sometimes my writing is about as deep as a paddling pool. In situations like that, I can only hope my anecdotes are amusing and interesting enough to keep you hooked.
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Gain behind-the-scenes access to my WIP novel!

With this reward level, you'll get to read chapter-by-chapter releases of the early draft. You'll also gain access to any annotations or anecdotes I may have on the latest chapter, and will receive a full acknowledgement when the book is inevitably published.

(That last one will totally happen. Absolutely)

There will always be a WIP novel. I'm currently working on Hodmedodd, a low-fantasy crime drama with some really cool characters in it.




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About Sean Joseph McCann

I love to write. I live and breathe words and stories, and I'm just barely vain enough to believe that other people want to hear the stories I have to share and the words I want to spill.
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Rising star.

If I can manage to convince people to give me $320.00 a month on a regular basis, I will consider myself on the way to becoming a successful writer, which is going to give me all kinds of warm fuzzy feelings.

For you, my patrons, it means I will be able to dedicate more time to refining my craft - the quality of my work will increase, and hopefully your enjoyment will increase as well.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post