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Patrons receive: (1) The ability to ask questions for monthly AMA episodes, (2) Ad-free versions of each episode, and (3) My undying gratitude.

Becoming a Mindscape patron lets the world know that you are a person of discernment and taste, and that you are sufficiently devoted to the cause of elevated intellectual discourse that you are willing to support it with cold hard cash. 

Relativistic Tier

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Additional benefits of becoming a Relativistic supporter: None whatsoever, really. Other than even more gratitude.

It's really about your own self-image. Are you a Newtonian, clockwork, absolute-space-and-time kind of person? Or are you a revolutionary 20th-century visionary who unifies our conception of the cosmos and isn't afraid of some fearsome math? Ask yourself.

Quantum Tier

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Additional benefits of becoming a Quantum supporter: Still none. But even more gratitude!

Are you willing to move beyond clockwork, into a truly modern perspective characterized by decoherence, probabilistic predictions, and radical uncertainty? Do you think an hour of Mindscape is worth at least as much as a venti cafe mocha? Then Quantum Tier might be for you.



About Sean Carroll

I'm a scientist, author, and now a podcaster. The Mindscape podcast is my way of exploring big, exciting ideas in a variety of fields -- science, society, philosophy, culture, the arts -- and bringing them to a wide audience.

Regular Mindscape episodes are free and available to everyone. Patreon pledges are a nice way to show support.

There are two major benefits of being a patron. First, I do Ask Me Anything episodes once per month (except January). At the end of each month I will post a call for questions here, and you can leave your questions in the comments of that post. Second, patrons get access to versions of the episodes that are completely ad-free.

Less tangible, but still important, benefits include my sincere appreciation, and the personal feeling of having made a contribution to our society's intellectual discourse.

For right now, the different "Tiers" all come with precisely the same benefits! But different labels. And different levels of inner satisfaction, not to mention bragging rights. Lots of social cachet associated with being on a higher tier than your friends.

Pledges are scheduled per episode, rather than monthly, as occasionally I'll be busy and have to slow down, and I don't want supporters to feel cheated. Episodes are released once per week, so budget accordingly.

Many thanks!

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