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Sean O’Hara was born in Stuttgart, West Germany during the last years of the Cold War. Both his parents served in the US Army, though his mother took an honorable discharge after his birth. His family moved to Fort Clayton, Panama in 1982, and they were still there when World War III broke out two years later. His mother, still a reservist, returned to active service during the Soviet-Cuban invasion of Panama, and died during the Battle of Darien. His father was reported missing in action after the fall of the Canal Zone, and none of the surviving Soviet records list him as a prisoner of war.

Sean himself escaped to Colombia thanks to Ruth Lyle, the Panamanian wife of his neighbor who smuggled him across the border. Sean spent the next several years in a refugee camp before being repatriated to the US at the end of the war. After a rigorous three year course in the Eugene V. Debs Education Center for the Rehabilitation of Politically Suspect Children, he entered Victor Berger High School in New Leningrad, Wisconsin where he excelled in Political Theory and Neo-Hegelian Historical Analysis. After fulfilling his three years of National Service, Sean enrolled at Emma Goldman University in Chicago where he took a bachelor’s degree in Political Doctrine with a minor in Collectivist History.
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