Sea Raiders is creating YouTube Videos!

$1 /creation
See our videos one day early!

$3 /creation
You will see our videos three days before they go live to the public

$5 /creation
You will receive an honorable mention in a video each month

$7 /creation
We'll make a video answering all the questions that you ask us!

$10 /creation
Get a shout out during a video. You never know when the shout out will be, could be in the middle of a game!

$25 /creation
A thank you video just for you!

$50 /creation
We'll promote you or your company in a video at the beginning and end.

$100 /creation
You name a character in our short film!!! (Has to be appropriate)

$500 /creation
Be featured in our short film! (travel and hotel expenses not included)