Search For Uhuru

is creating a platform which bridges the gap between the Diaspora and Africa
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About Search For Uhuru

Search for Uhuru is creating a platform that bridges the gap between the diaspora and Africa.

Search for Uhuru is a platform created to bridge the gap between the African diaspora and the people of Africa. The creator Dynast Amir observed that there wasn't a platform that encouraged productive dialogue, business opportunities, politics, and tourism between the Africans of the diaspora and Africans on the continent. Also more importantly, this platform provides a how-to guide on how members of the diaspora can relocate to Africa and not just survive but thrive. Dynast has been traveling to Africa for the past 8 years. Over this 8 year span, he has been documenting Africa through videos, interviews, and photos in which he has coined as "Africa Personified”. Without the help of any corporation, Dynast has created a library of resources on Africa that cannot be matched. Your patreon contributions will help Dynast grow the Search for Uhuru platform and the other platforms that he has planned to launch in 2018 under the Noirisme brand. Dynast Amir is the curator of Africa, a Pan-Africanist, Philanthropist, an author, and overall lover of life. "I want African Americans and the many Africans of the diaspora to realize that there are opportunities to visit, vacation, build, live, do business, and be successful on the continent of Africa. I want the diaspora to believe that the West isn't the end all be all and that the Africans on the continent will welcome us with open arms in helping them rebuild Africa. I need your help to continue to enlighten those whom aren't and to make them aware that living the African Dream is not a fantasy but can become a reality." To experience Africa Personified please go to instagram:searchforuhuru facebook:searchforuhuru twitter:searchforuhuru and

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