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About Searching4Eden

Wow, where to begin!

Hi! I am Lauren :)

Put simply, Searching4Eden is a photographic nudes project that I shoot together with my husband Liam. That's how it all started anyway. A photography project.

Fast forward three years and it is more like a life project, a meditation, the thing that keeps me sane, a
moment of simple truth.
It's a thing, all of its own.
And Its not just photographic anymore either, now we are making movies! Ok, not quite feature length Spielberg edits yet but we are feeling our way through it still.

So, what is it about?
It is so hard for me to put into words. I have tried. The reality is, with every person we meet, it takes on its own new personal meaning.
It about de-sexualising nudity & body acceptance. Its a safe space to connect with nature in ones truest form, a moment to relax or to experience something new.
It's a rebellion! Against society and labels and boxes and the general direction mankind is headed... and so the list grows. It is ever changing and yet the same. Freedom, as you have never experienced.

The people who feature in this project do not pay us, They connect with us organically, they share our values. The right people have just come our way; either friends or often just fellow humans who share our love for the project and the natural world.

And so, our art has become our life. With every day it becomes more apart of us and everyone else. With every adventure we connect deeper with its ideology and the people who support it across all platforms.

And that is especially true when it comes to our Patrons. Without your love, help, advice and encouragement, we would not have been able to dedicate our every thought to this project over the course of this year. Thanks to your financial and emotional backing, we are still here creating beautiful moments and memories for everyone to enjoy.

Chat soon, Lauren xxx

You can also find us on:
Instagram: searching4eden_
Twitter: @searching4eden_
Facebook: Searching4eden

**Please Note**

We make use of Patreon's 'Upfront' billing system.
This means your subscription will be charged immediately when joining, and thereafter on the 1st of every month.
So, for example - if you join on the 31st July, you will be charged immediately, and then again on the 1st of August, 1st Sept, etc.
Unfortunately we had too many "fake" patrons joining and deleting their subscription before the first payment was debited which made us sad and mad.

Hope you understand

68% complete
Time to Upgrade
This year we found our way from photography into the world of videography, thanks to our awesome little Mavic Air.
After shooting stills together for over a decade.... Video has suddenly opened up so many new beautiful ways for us to express our creativity.
We are still perfecting the art but the next step we need to take is getting the right equipment. 
We are saving up for a Panasonic GH5, a Sigma Art lens and various other bits & bobs like spare batteries, SD cards and a lens adapter.

I am so excited and grateful for everyone who has contributed towards this dream.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 253 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 253 exclusive posts

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