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You, like anyone else, can contact me at any time for any questions or support!Thank you!
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Once a month, I will share with you all the updates of the work we've done.
You, like anyone else, can contact me at any time for any questions or support!
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  • This is awesome and it will help me do more street activism and one-on-one interviews with people about Veganism. The effectiveness of street activism has been proven day after day and it will be amazing to do it more frequently.




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About Seb Alex


Born and raised in Lebanon, I moved to Europe in 2011 to pursue my career in Sustainable Architecture. Having worked with the UNHCR’s refugee program for a year, I took the opportunity to enter the corporate world and work as an international coordinator of projects for an architecture company in Barcelona.

A year after, in September 2017, 3 years after my activism journey had begun, I decided to quit my job and dedicate all my time for the animals. This decision was not easy as I had a stable career in an architecture and engineering company and did not feel very comfortable starting a Patreon page. I have since then decided to dedicate all my time for this cause, for the victims, to end all exploitation once and for all.

For this, Patreon offers a way to support my activism and Educational Projects on a monthly basis. Once a month, I share with you what we have achieved together. You will get to see what we have organised, the plans for the next month and share your suggestions. You will also have access to my Patreon exclusive Instagram page where I will be sharing daily/weekly updates on everything!

Your help supports:

Talks in Educational Institutions:

  • Giving talks on Animal Agriculture & Sustainability in 19 universities in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands and Portugal.
  • Talking in classes to under 17 year old students about Sustainability & Ethics in 12 schools in Germany and Portugal.
  • Giving talks on Veganism & Environmentalism in Community centres in Germany and Portugal.

Grassroots activism:

  • Help open and organize activism groups such as The Save Movement and Anonymous for the Voiceless, by visiting cities or through video calls. These types of activism target directly the consumers to help them come to the conclusion of veganism using footage gathered at local slaughterhouses and are the first steps that a lot of vegans take when they start getting active.
  • Help out with Meat The Victims events in Europe.


  • Join communities or events to give free workshops on Vegan Outreach, Why Veganism, Why Activism, Learning from Previous Struggles and others. So far, more than 150 workshops have been given in Spain, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Turkey and Australia.

Social Media:

  • With around 80.000 followers in total, using social media platforms and spreading the Vegan message to a large audience. The power of social media is invaluable, and the number of people engaged in watching videos, has greatly helped those who have questions and are considering becoming vegans. In December 2018 alone, the monitored sign ups to receive help to go vegan on Challenge22 due to entering and documenting a slaughterhouse kill floor passed 1450 people.
  • Educational Youtube Videos
  • Farm investigations
  • One-on-one interviews

Other ways of support:

If you'd like to do a one-time donation instead, please click on this link to connect to my PayPal.

By dedicating all my time to this fight, together, we can have a greater impact on the public, more vegans, more activists and save more animal lives every day.

My promise to you: I will never stop fighting for the animals, until every cage is empty, until every bird is free, until every calf is with their mother, until every fish is swimming in peace, until every pig is playing in mud, until every last animal is respected and the idea of animal exploitation is considered a crime of the past!

I'd like to show my deepest gratitude for everyone who has joined the support team and to those who consider doing so!


$1,011 of $2,000 per month
This will allow me to dedicate my life to activism.
I will not only be able to organise activism where I live but also be able to travel to help activists around the world with anything they need to start their own local group. I will also have the chance to contact organisations, schools and/or universities in different cities around the world to spread the vegan message.

Last but not least, this will help me have more contact with vegan activists in order to support each other's work.

The amount on the page does NOT account for taxes and it does not accurately reflect declined pledges and fees.
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