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Are you a rock and metal music fan in heart and soul?
Do you support the artists you love in succeeding in the music industry?

Hey, my name is Sebastiaan Spijker. By directing affordable rock and metal music videos, I believe I can help aspiring artists and professionals pursue their passion, reach their audience and create opportunities for them to grow in the music industry.

One of the most important means for an artist or band to promote themselves is an appealing, high-quality music video. This puts the band on the map and brings them in the spotlight with fans, labels, bookers and festival organizers. A music video is a representative business card which can be used for many, many years in promotion and connecting with audiences worldwide.

Decades of experience

Over the past decades, I have gained quite a bit of experience and my work can be viewed on channels of Nuclear Blast, Metal Blade Records and Massacre Records. I'm particularly proud that my videos have been watched hundreds of thousands of times, elicited a lot of reactions, that the bands we have helped have really grown and are touring across the globe.

Having a background in arts and concept development, as well as being a film fanatic and a lifelong heavy metal enthusiast, I know how to grasp the essence of a song and translate that to a visual spectacle. I approach music video as if they are epic mini-movies. Based on the lyrics and flow of the song and with a little help of some special effects and a highly dynamic visual style, I create quality music videos that fans love and keep watching over and over again. By creating compelling music videos, I do my part in contributing to the music we love.

Music, an expensive art form

Making music requires strenuous amounts of dedication to the arts and is actually quite an expensive affair. Besides having to invest a lot of time to master an instrument and compose good, quality music, artists are faced with a lot of expenses such as the purchase and maintenance of musical instruments, rent for a rehearsal space, travel costs to a gig, etc. One of the biggest costs for a band are the actual recording, production, marketing and promotion of an album. Most of the challenges artists face actually come after production of the album. Working on visibility, marketing and promotion are essential for a band to succeed, but that's actually where most struggle in reaching their audience.

Machine Heads "The Blood, The Sweat, The Tears" sums it up pretty nicely as it's not all smooth sailing. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication and support from each other in the rock and metal music, just to get by. With the help of your brotherhood we all stand together and help each other out in reaching success in the industry. That's what brought me to Patreon. This platform allows us to stand shoulder to shoulder in continuously supporting the music we love and at the same time help keeping costs low for the artists.

Be part of the awesomeness

With the help of your contributions, I'll be able to continue creating the most compelling and kick-ass music videos for both upcoming and established artists for you to enjoy, at low cost for the artists. By contributing, you have a chance to be part of all this awesomeness, during the creation of each of the projects. You'll have access to exclusive content as well as premium and early access to projects, as they develop.

Here's an extra bonus: Did you know you can make music videos actually entirely free for the artists? Not only will your contributions will help grow my company en support more and more artist; every $1000 of monthly contributions allows me to produce a music video free of charge for the artist, every year.

Highly recommended

Also, take a moment to listen to what some of the artists who I've helped with the production of their music videos have to say about me, as well:

Oh, Before I forget...

Be sure to share this page among your friends and fellow real music enthusiasts! Spread the word and support rock and metal.
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With $1000 per month I'll be able to create a kick-ass rock or metal music video for an aspiring artist for free, every year.
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