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I started using the Rust programming language a couple of years before its 1.0 release and started contributing to the gamedev ecosystem developing a collision detection library and a physics engine. I also contribute to the scientific computing ecosystem by developing a linear algebra library. I've always found this programming language exciting and wanted to use my scientific knowledge to contribute to the community. All my projects are (and will always be) open source and free, under the BSD-3 license.

Professionally, I am a R&D engineer in computer science. I work on the streaming of large 3D models on all platforms. I currently work part-time so that I can dedicate at least 2 full days to my rust project. Though I don't know for how long this will be financially viable (see the first goal of this patreon profile on this).

I hope one day to be able to work full-time on my Rust projects in order to contribute as much as I can to the community. Currently, I do all this during my free time, and pay for the websites and the user forum. Financial aid of any amount would be greatly appreciated and may hopefully allow me to contribute part-time or full-time to the Rust ecosystem in the future. Thanks a lot!

Maintained projects

The source code of all my projects are hosted on github.

  • nalgebra − A linear-algebra library written in rust. This supports matrices of arbitrary dimensions which may or may not be known at compile-time. It features tools for computer graphics including a broad range of transformations (with dedicated types for optimal safety and performances). It is also destined to general linear algebra operation by providing efficient implementation of common matrix Factorizations: SVD, QR, LU, Cholesky, etc.
  • nalgebra-lapack − Extention to nalgebra to benefit from existing C/Fortran Lapack operations, e.g., for matrix factorization.
  • nphysics − A pure-rust physics engine that handles both 2D and 3D (exposed to the user as two crates: nphysics2d and nphysics3d). My first goal is to make it at least as fast and featureful as the bullet and Box2D C++ physics engines.
  • ncollide − The collision-detection library underlying nphysics. It is useful on its own when you want to write your physics rules yourself but still need all the geometric operations (distance, interference, contact points, etc.) to be performed efficiently for a wide variety of shapes (including convex hulls).
  • alga − An abstract mathematics library. It defines a rich hierarchy of traits from the most simple algebraic entity (the magma) to most complex ones like euclidean spaces, the rotation groups, etc. While sometimes hard to grasp because of the abstract mathematical concepts, it allows extremely flexible generic programming.
  • kiss3d − A Keep It Simple, Stupid graphics engine. It allows an easy creation of a 3D scene with simple shapes (cubes, cylinders, etc.) and meshes. I don't intend to implement new features, but Pull Requests are very welcome and it will remain updated short after new versions of nalgebra and ncollide are released. 

The nalgebra and ncollide projects have websites (including complete user guides) that I wrote entirely and maintain in a regular basis. All my projects share a common discourse-based users forum: discourse.nphysics.org
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