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About sebilgi

Sebilgi tutorials mostly consist of...

CG Art Creations
Digital Sculpting using Blender 3D
Digital Painting using Krita

Game Creations
Blender Game Engine
Unity Game Engine

Software Creations
MOBA Game Development Fundamentals

And many more other related stuff like maker things and electronics...
Raspberry Pi 0 1 2 3 4 …...

Important Notes:
Our YouTube Channel started as a Turkish speaking tutorial video container. Titles are mostly in English due to the topics, but videos are in Turkish. So many people from all around the World have watched our videos and learned something and left nice comments, i guess this is because there are very unique and high-end lessons. So, we decided to make new tutorials and creations in (with not too perfect) English. 

With Blender 2.80, a new sun rising over CG world. Please stay tuned for new videos, and if you like the results, please allow us to call you PATRON!

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