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One of the ways I keep my channel afloat is by running ads before the videos. Nobody likes ads (myself included) so by contributing 2 bucks a month, you can absolve yourself of any guilt for using your adblocker! Everybody wins. You also get access to my Patrons-only Discord server!
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By chipping in five bucks a month, you're helping me pay the bills and work towards removing the burden of relying on ads and sponsorships. My dream is to make Second Thought completely ad-free, and your support at this level is a big step towards that goal. You also get access to my Patrons-only Discord server!
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Seriously, if you can contribute 10 bucks a month to help keep this channel afloat, you're a champion. I have little to offer except my heartfelt gratitude and the promise that if we can get Second Thought to a place where it's entirely fan-supported, every video will contain radical/leftist content. 
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Hey there! Thanks for visiting my Patreon page. Second Thought is an educational YouTube channel that's been putting out one video per week since early 2017. In that time I've released nearly 200 videos, and gained a following of some of the loveliest people on the internet.

But now it's time to make some changes. 

I had a Patreon page a couple of years ago, but I decided to shut it down because I felt I had nothing valuable to offer the generous people supporting my channel. Unfortunately, my channel is now in somewhat dire straits. With the Coronavirus pandemic, many sponsors have gotten spooked and are having to reassess how much they can spend on branded content. I rely heavily on sponsors to keep my channel afloat. I normally have sponsor slots booked months in advance. Now all I have left is April. After that, the only money I'll have coming in for my channel is from adsense, and that's not enough to be sustainable. 

On March 28th I posted the only Second Thought video I've ever cared about. It was called Capitalism And The American Pandemic Response, and I knew going into it that it would probably be the most important video I would ever make. I fully expected the video to tank, and that I would lose subscribers, but that didn't happen. In fact, the complete opposite happened. I was blown away by the positive response to this video, which was very gratifying because I poured my soul into it, along with many hours of work. To my amazement, the common refrain in the comments was, "we want more of this." 

So, I've made a decision. I've made a new Patreon in the hope that we can convert Second Thought from a sponsor-dependent general interest channel, to a democratically funded Leftist educational outlet. This only works with your support. I want to keep creating content to help give a voice to opinions you don't hear expressed in the mainstream media or by most politicians. We can make this happen, but I need your help. Thank you for your consideration.

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