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Secret Colony of One - a Memoir in 200 words per day

I am a writer, filmmaker, sex worker, mother and survivor.

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If I meet my goal of at least 100 patrons (or the equivalent - $750 per month), I will post an exclusive video of my documentary film in progress, and do a 30 -60 minute chat with patrons in Google Hangout!  Ask me anything!


I'm Kristie. I'm a 42 year old filmmaker, mommy, and writer. I've been working on a memoir about surviving childhood sexual abuse, getting deep into sex work and trying to thrive as an artist and mother.


Boulder, CO, USA

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I've been working on a memoir about surviving childhood sexual abuse, getting deep into sex work and trying to thrive as an artist and mother.

It's called Secret Colony of One. As the title suggests there is a theme of isolation in the book. And writing the book itself is a kind of isolated experience as well.

So I thought, what if I could have an audience for this? A supportive audience full of cheerleaders and critics and interested and interesting people just like I used to have back when I was a web cam girl blogger in 1999. Back when the internet was still new and populated by freaks like me!

My story needs an audience because it's about things that so many of us have been through. And the more we tell our stories the more we empower ourselves and others who have been through or are going through similar things.

A teeny tiny quarter.  It's so small.  All I'm asking for you to be part of my audience is  a measly 25 cents each day. In exchange I'll publish 200 words a day, every single day! Without fail. Until the book is done.

My goal is to have 100 people reading my memoir by mid 2015. Each of your quarters, put together, will serve as inspiration, accountability, and support for a struggling writer and survivor. These little contributions will make it possible for me to work from home and take care of my number one priority - my three year old daughter, Muneera - while reaching my goal of finishing this book in about a year!

It's $7.50 a month for 6000 words that reveal a life lived through passion and fear, grace and turmoil, titillation and disgust. You get the inside scoop on all sorts of things. Sordid things. Exciting things. Painful things. And maybe even insightful or inspiring things. Growing up with a pedophile Scientologist dad and making television commercials, for example. Or deciding at 12 to become a prostitute, but waiting til 27 to act on it. Or how about all the characters that came into my life as a result of running my own BDSM studio? Or during my brief stint in an ashram disguised as a college? Who knows, if you've met me, maybe even you will show up on the page!

Of course you could contribute more and really encourage me. You could subscribe for $15.00 a month. That's about two quarters a day. Or hey, if you can spare a buck a day, even better! And for that I'll make more videos, read you full chapters and introduce you to bits and pieces of my life in images and sound. Because my career has been in filmmaking and video art, and I can keep my chops up by creating content especially for those who contribute a little extra to show they care.

So I'm reaching out to you - fellow survivors, fellow moms, fellow sex workers, artists, feminists, anarchists, ponders, wanders, educators, friends, freaks and fools... Help me do this! Show me someone is out there paying attention, someone who doesn't want me to sit down and shut up and hold it all in when I have so much to say!
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