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You will receive a subscription to The Secret Room | Unlocked, a director's cut, behind-the-scenes companion podcast to The Secret Room.  Each new episode of Unlocked will expand on the current episode of the Secret Room.  If you love the current interview, you'll get more about it in the companion edition of Unlocked.

This Patreon-only podcast features:

  • Behind-the-scenes insight to each episode
  • Top 20 Lost Secrets interview with Ben
  • Everything you want to know about the podcast interview with Ben
  • Out takes
  • Extended clips
  • Post-show discussions
  • Original secret pitches 
  • Bloopers
  • Bonus images 

I've started Unlocked shows with #81 "Despicable Houseguest," and then every episode on from #84 "The Only Survivor."  Also, each guest reads their secret as they originally submitted it. You never hear this on the podcast.

New episodes of Unlocked drop every other Tuesday alternating with The Secret Room. Between both podcasts you'll get fresh content every week.   

I'm so glad to have you on board!


per month

All previous benefits, plus:

  • Access to Ben Hamm's personal, invite-only Instagram account.
  • Exclusive Theme from the Secret Room ringtones for iPhone and Android.

As a Whisper Patron I'll welcome you into my personal Instagram where you can get a closer peek into my travels and life.  Slide into my DMs, whatever!  I wanna share, so join me for the ride...

And composer Breakmaster Cylinder was jazzed to convert our theme into special ringtones just for Patreon members.  (iPhones are a little harder to customize, so apologies if it turns out to be too much trouble, but you have been forewarned!)  But you will still enjoy full access to my Instagram. :) 

Your support means everything to me!


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All previous benefits, plus:

  • The official Secret Room Leather-Strap "Pod On" Keychain with brass ring and skeleton key.  

Front: "The Secret Room."  
Reverse: "Pod On!"  

See images in our "About" box below by clicking the "Show More" link!  The included skeleton key may vary in design from that pictured.

Because The Secret Room Leather-Strap "Pod On" Keychain is an expensive premium it will ship with your third membership payment.

The Secret Room Leather-Strap "Pod On" Keychain is the perfect way to show off your support for your favorite indie podcast that could!

Thank you so much for your sustained support,


About The Secret Room

Launched December 3, 2019!

Welcome to the Secret Room | Unlocked.

A companion podcast to The Secret Room - Exclusive to Patreon. 

The Secret Room | Unlocked is a special, members-only companion podcast to The Secret Room, and is hosted by The Secret Room producer Susie Lark.  In each episode Susie takes you on a tour of Ben's extended interviews, deleted scenes, post show guest discussion and numerous fumbles.  Starting with Episode 81 and then from 84 on a new Unlocked episode drops one week after each episode of the Secret Room.  You'll receive the following:

1. Behind-the-scenes perspective
2. Out takes
3. Extended clips
4. Bonus interviews
5. Bonus images
6. Bloopers
7. Post show interviews
8. The original, raw secret as submitted by the guest.

Each episode takes you through the production process with Ben, weaving together bonus material that will give you broader insight into each story.  Recurring features we know you'll love are the guests reading their original secret submissions (you don’t hear that in the show) and the post interview where Ben and his guest ramp down after the interview has concluded.  You'll also hear behind the scenes info about what went into production of each episode.

If you love the podcast you will be fascinated and enthralled by this exclusive version of the show.

We are happy to provide three tiers of content to thank you for supporting your favorite indie podcast that could.  I'm particularly excited to offer the official Secret Room Leather-Strap "Pod On" Keychain to Keyholder Patrons.  Check the images below, it is gorgeous!

Choose your favorite tier and Pod On!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 26 exclusive posts
Audio releases
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