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You dig my work and want to show your support. In return, I'll be posting some comic book pages exclusively for you every week on Patreon with a little backstory behind it. Could be past work, could be never-before-seen stuff, could be previews of stuff about to come!

Trust The Process (Insider Access)
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I'm currently working on a number of graphic novel and screenplay projects. You get inside access to all of it. Pitches, layouts, scripts, show outlines, treatments, doodles, you name it. This one gets you the insider access no one else can get.
Executive Producer (Green Room Access)
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Every Wednesday 8pm ET we go live for the Secrets of the Sire podcast on & And you get access to our Green Room! Chat LIVE with us and any in-studio guests via Patreon every week at 6pm ET before we go on air. Discuss the topics, suggest new ones, be our BOSS! 

Replay access available on our YouTube channel.




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About Sire Studios

Welcome To The Brand New Secrets of the Sire Patreon Page for creator Michael Dolce

What started as a great podcast has spun out into all the good stuff I'm currently working on these days including graphic novels like The Mainstream, Screenplays, Pitches, Presentations, Marketing Strategy and more! And I want YOU to join me for the ride.

So for this Patreon relaunch, I'm keeping all the PODCAST goodies (Green Room Access, Show Outlines, Chats and Comments) and adding pretty much everything else I do. Each week depending on your level of support, you'll get Web Comics, Insider Access to upcoming Comics and Screenplays and more!

And each week, I'll be taking advantage of the LIVE STREAM feature on Patreon to spread some knowledge and interact with folks through a SECRETS OF THE WEEK segment. Could be Marketing, could be SEO, could be writing, could be general comic book making. But it will be FREE and it will be FUN.

Just follow my page to get started!
$21 of $100 per month
Beef Up The Goods! Want a bigger and better Secrets of the Sire show & podcast? Heck yeah you do! Help us reach this goal and we'll extend the GREEN ROOM CHAT an extra half hour. That's 30 mins more Movies, TV, Comics & Pop Culture Talk.
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