Secrets of the Sire is creating a Weekly Radio Show & Podcast

Dedicated Fan

$1 /mo
You dig the Secrets of the Sire Radio Show & Podcast and want to show your support. Awesome! We'll read your name out loud on our show Wednesdays 8pm ET and you'l...

Associate Producer

$2 /mo
Get an exclusive copy of our SHOW OUTLINE at least 30 mins prior to air and Get The Inside Scoop on our weekly guests and topics before anyone else. It pays to be on the inside doesn't it?

Executive Producer

$5 /mo
Get access to our Green Room Baby! Chat LIVE with the hosts via private google hangout up to an hour before we go to air Wednesdays 8pm ET. Replay access available on our YouTube channel.

Program Director

$10 /mo
We’ll read your 30-second whatever on air every week. Got something to say? We’ll say it. Running a Kickstarter? We’ll shamelessly plug it. Think the topic of the day sucks? We’ll ...