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About Sedaa - Our Voices

About Sedaa - Our Voices

Sedaa - Our Voices is a platform featuring writers of Muslim heritage. We use the term “of Muslim heritage” because we seek to bring together both those who identify as Muslims, and those who have left the religion.
The website was set up to analyse politics, critique religious extremism, reactionary cultural attitudes, and problems caused by moral relativism in our society. We believe that Islamists and their fellow travellers and apologists must be challenged and opposed.

At the same time, as people with Islamic heritage, with Muslim family and friends, who have experienced discrimination ourselves, we are also aware that anti Muslim bigotry is a reality and so we will strive to challenge this too. We will seek to negotiate the issues we face with fairness and sensitivity.

Too often a free and unchallenged platform has been given to those who wish to portray extreme views as “normative” Islamic beliefs, and that they should thus be immune from critique. This comes, intentionally or otherwise, at the expense of abandoning liberal and democratic values and side-lining progressive and secular voices from within Muslim communities who are, and have been for many years, standing up to the fundamentalists.

Often, these issues can be difficult to speak about, and in some cases can lead to threats to personal safety.
We accept that misogyny and extremism exist in all societies. We always stand in solidarity with those who challenge reactionary values and practices. But our background means we can highlight the issues within our own communities.

Rather than remaining silent, Sedaa was set up to provide such voices with a platform to express views that might otherwise go unheard

How you can help

Sedaa receives no grants or sponsorship. To grow this platform we kindly ask for your feedback and donations. We are asking for small contributions to help maintain, grow and improve the website. Your input is highly valued and we want to know what you would like to see more of. With enough funds Sedaa can, hopefully, grow into something much bigger.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page.

Iram Ramzan
Founder/Editor, Sedaa - Our Voices

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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