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I believe every woman is brilliant! You're brilliant! Not intellectually (although you are that too). No, you're the glittering, sparkly, striking, luminous brilliant! But life causes our brilliance to get dulled, dimmed, lackluster and sadly imperceptible.

My mission is to help you re-discover your brilliance, change your life & change your world!

2016 shifted my life's purpose. 2017 put me face-to-face with my mortality. 2018 brought me the fight of and for my life so now I'm living my brilliance. A brilliance I forgot I had, and I want to help you discover yours!

You're living a good life, but maybe not your BEST life? It feels like you've gotten into a routine where nothing's exciting anymore. You wonder who that person looking back at you in the mirror is.

Well, let's figure her out! Let's allow her to shine out into the world and become exactly who you know her to be. Let's do the hard work together!

Why Patreon:

For a long time I've thought about changing the way I deliver coaching services. Many of the delivery systems are priced to leave out many who would benefit from coaching. So as I thought about it, a light bulb went on.

Why not deliver content via Patreon where you can pay what you can and get the help you need? So, here I am! What you pledge will always be used to help me build and grow on all platforms, but it'll also help you get the coaching you need at a price level that works for you. 

Your brilliance should not be limited!


By investing in yourself here you help me get better videos, articles and courses developed and delivered so you can take the journey back to your full, authentic self. That road is paved with videos, Q&A, and thought provoking articles.

Where your money goes:

First and foremost it goes to support my family while I pursue my dream of helping you shine your brilliance.

Second, I'm currently using a camera, a tripod and lots of trial & error to get videos done. I'm also editing and writing, so the first thing I'd love to do is hire my assistant Erin on a full-time basis to keep me on track with delivering quality content you need.

Next is to hire a production company, researcher & stylist all to make sure that the information I deliver continues to be the best and most up-to-date as possible.

You deserve to have fun, clear and useful videos, articles and more so that's what I'm creating.

Please don't become a patron if your finances are low - I know what that feels like - and please don't feel obligated. I'll make videos, with valuable content, available publicly. 

For simplicity I've created five (5) tiers . . . feel free to pledge more ;-) I'd be blessed & honored.

Please see my profile for tier perks ;)
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