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About The Seeker and the Skeptic

The Seeker and The Skeptic is a podcast in which two friends explore esoteric, paranormal and spiritual topics from two completely different perspectives.

Cat is The Seeker
, she’s interested in spiritual ideas and hopes to find something meaningful and empowering in the wisdom of religion and new age philosophy. Rebecca is The Skeptic, she’s passionate about finding truth (or at least getting closer to it) using the tools of reason and evidence.

Though our approaches to life and ideas are very different we share a sense of humour and a commitment to talking honestly about what we believe and why, which is why we started this podcast.

In each episode we will discuss a different topic or experience we’ve had from Holotropic Breathing to Mediumship and see if we can learn something from each other or change each other’s minds… or if our conversation will devolve into a good natured slanging match.

If you enjoy the show, we'd love your support to help us keep exploring these topics and bringing our research, experiences and discussion to you. Anything you can give is greatly appreciated, and we look forward to sharing more adventures with your support!

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