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About Seektag

Hello team! Ben here! Seektag is a Play Culture revolution - I'm creating a new generation of Real World Games and entertaining Gameplay Videos that will make you feel like a kid!

'Grown-Up' Culture Sucks!

Most people stop playing when they ‘grow up’, and it’s time to change that. We’re not talking Tag or Hide and Seek, or board games or sports, or games that demand physical prowess alone, but a new breed of tactical, interpretable, exciting games that get you outside, meeting new friends and living in the moment. These are games designed for the grown-up kid in you!

Play Culture Wins!

Join my team and create a new culture that takes online game streaming and applies it to games in reality! – Imagine watching live coverage of a city-wide spy game with POV cams on players, on-screen maps and power-ups! The real-life you is the hero we all need!

Where are we at?

This play revolution is already happening – it’s young and sparky and we have some fantastic people in this little community already - I want you to help me make this dream blow-up! I’m a film-maker by trade with lifetime of experience in game design (largely through coaching Parkour), but I’m also a graphic designer, music producer, VFX artist and app/website developer… it turns out that for the first time in my life this funny collection of skills are all pointing the same direction, and it makes me feel complete :0)

Progress Report!

- YouTube Channel – Alive!
- Explore (topical discussion videos) – Alive!
- Gameplay Videos – Alive!
- Gameplay App – Alive!
- Website – Alive! -
- Public Gameplay Meetups - Alive! -
- League Tournament Videos - Alive!
- Buyable Vest Packs - Alive! -


- Outreach to Councils/Scouts/Guides/Charities
- Achieve corporate sponsorship
- Summer League Tournament
- Special Edition Games
- Merch!
- New/more cameras
- Mini Travel Documentaries
- Live Streamed Games
- Begin development for next games

What would I do without you?

 - If you would like to support me just because you share my passion for play culture, or you enjoy my videos, then you have some serious gratitude! I’m extremely committed and consistent with my work and you are helping to make this thing happen, so thank you!

- If you want to take part in making this happen, by joining the community discussion, suggesting ideas, identifying flaws, inventing new games or coming out to play in live games, then you are exactly what I need and I welcome you onboard!

Thanks for checking out my page! Stay sneaky! :0)
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