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What is our mission?
Seek the World launched in February 2015 with a global vision to create interactive and compelling contents to increase awareness of our many vibrant Deaf communities from all over the world; and to create a Deaf friendly online resource for travel that connects Deaf people to each other, as well as to Deaf businesses and organizations.

Due to the fact that a majority of the information that I get from our online media (videos, photo descriptions, articles, etc.) are usually in English through written or auditory format, this creates a barrier of accessibility for our global Deaf community. Compounded the hurdle is 80% of the world’s 70 million deaf people do not have access to a quality education - which impacts their literacy skills - and it creates a culture of isolation for many; and this is what I seek to change. Imagine if your travel brand could reach out to the 70 million strong Deaf consumers - imagine if you could make them lifelong customers, by making online contents accessible to them in a language they can appreciate - sign language. This is where I can help you increase your brand awareness within the Deaf community by providing that very online contents in their native sign language!

I showcase all contents in both visual and written formats - this is to make certain all information is readily accessible to everyone, regardless of whether they are Deaf or hearing! Captions and transcripts are provided to those who wish to read, instead of hear, and all contents are signed visually by me. This creates a positive culture of complete accessibility for all the followers of Seek the World!

Additionally, I also aim to empower and inspire our present and future Deaf generations that they can truly do anything they aspire to; by educating them about the world through our visual contents!

But I cannot do this alone.
I need YOUR help. I am starting this Patreon page to help us achieve a small amount of financial stability and to expand our team to include other creative talent as well as provide them with better equipment so that I can produce more free high-quality contents on a more consistent basis for you all.

Your support will enable me to hire talented creatives as well as upgrade and expand our equipment, and to offset the costs of travel to deliver you, the viewer, quality information and resources from around the world!

Seek the World - Exclusive Access (Facebook Secret Group) Benefits:
  • Watch extreme videos that won’t be posted on public Facebook Page
  • Ask questions in group posts and get answers from Calvin and other members
  • Few extra sign language videos all year.
  • An opportunity to question some Deaf locals via live video sometimes

$2.70 of $5,000 per month
New High-Quality Equipment & Gear for Videos and Photography!

At $5,000 a month, I would be able to finance the makeover of our equipment and gear in order to deliver to you ever higher-quality videos and photographs; website expenses to keep our travel resources alive; and trip expenses for extraordinary and educational video contents for you all!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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