See Me Not Meat campaign

is creating posters that expose what happens to animals raised as food

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About See Me Not Meat campaign

Hi and welcome to my Patreon page! I am Hannah Elizabeth, a photographer who has dedicated every day of the 5 years to documenting and connecting with the animals we raise as food outside slaughterhouse, on farms and in transport. I offer my love and sympathies "I'm so sorry. I love you. I wish I could help you." By presenting my vulnerable and compassionate approach, I have gained the attention of millions of individuals around the world. Opening their eyes to who these animals are and what they are going through, encouraging a more compassionate lifestyle.
I protect farmed animals by connecting my worldwide audience to footage that no other individual is able to offer. I convey my genuine reaction and heartbreaking human-animal connection beyond what many believed was possible."Hannah is the eyes and ears for the world so that one day we will awaken to the endless suffering caused to these creatures."

I started over 5 years ago after I locked eyes with a pig in a kill-truck traveling down a fast-paced highway in Canada. I made a promise to that pig that day that I would do whatever I could to help her and all others tell their story. I use my photography to tell the stories of animals we send to slaughter.
Now, after hundreds of investigations, my "See Me. Not Meat." Poster photography campaign exposes both the beauty of and the brutality experienced by hundreds of thousands of animals most previously considered merely as food.
My mission is to
—Increasing visibility of animals, the conditions they suffer and their emotional and intellectual abilities
—Raising public consciousness to consider the impacts of their actions
—Encouraging and equipping individuals to get involved and active

My photography is about
—Displaying the opportunity of human-animal connection and compassion beyond what we have learned is possible;
—Individualizing each animal which encourages viewers to personify and empathize with not only their suffering, but kind and gentle nature;
—Enhancing the viewers awareness and appreciation of animal emotion, intelligence and sensitivity.

Media Engagement
I have always provided my photography services and images free of charge; these animals and their stories deserve to be heard. My photos have been used by advocates and organizations all over the world.
Media is one of the most powerful institutions influences the masses.
The following statistics were used to measure media engagement:


—Photos used in articles published by leading organizations.
—Photos used in parades and marches worldwide.
—Article Published by both PETA and World of Vegan
—Footage used by Gary Yourofsky in Speech
—Photo in Esther the Wonder Pig TEDX Talk
—Featured on Youtube’s main-page
—Footage used in Moby music video

Viral Influence: quantified by increased views on videos reaching millions worldwide.
Pig Kill-Truck Crash Outside Slaughterhouse: Total views: 4,000,000
Youtube Channel Watch time: 1,000,000 Minutes
Youtube Views: +650,000 Facebook reach: 1,500,000
Through my documentation process and spread throughout social media, the awareness and push for change continues to materialize. This includes:
—Increased visibility of farmed animals and the conditions they suffer through engagement on social media, participation at events and spread of See Me Not Meat posters around the world
—Targeted advertising engaging with millions of individuals around the world
—Documentation utilized by several leading organizations.

Why Become a Patreon?

With your help as part of my Patreon support team, you give me the opportunity I need to change people's minds about animals transport and commodifications.

By opening eyes, I am savings lives.

Donors provide vital support to sustain Sympathy's capacity opening eyes and saving lives. Your support enables Hannah to collect and share documentation from her hard-hitting, front-line efforts of esposé; offering sympathy while documenting the plight of animals bound for slaughter.
Your support makes it possible for me to continue creating and sharing content that makes a difference in this world.

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