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I work primarily on FF7 and FF8 mods for the PC/Steam versions of the game, producing gameplay overhauls, additional/restored content, and other features aimed at enhancing the experience. My projects typically do not cover graphical enhancements but are compatible with those mods in most cases.

My biggest project is the FF7: New Threat Mod; an overhaul that includes new sidequests, reworked combat, and quality-of-life enhancements like the option to skip flashbacks. Some deactivated scenes were also rescripted back in, and new events occur to keep the experience fresh.

I actively work on the mod to address bugs, suggestions, and feedback players have; the mod should be considered 'complete', though a final update is in the works. The mod's forum thread can be found here:

My current project is an FF8 mod of the same name that is still in development, but a beta build can be found here:

I also produce smaller projects that alter the gameplay in interesting ways, placing the player under challenge conditions that wouldn't otherwise be possible in the default game. Basically, I just like to mess around with the game and put stuff together that people will find fun to play.

Support is greatly appreciated, but nothing I work on is behind a paywall of any kind. I'm also open to listening to any ideas/suggestions you might have for new mods or that can go into older projects.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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