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Junior Priest of Savaiv

$1 /mo
You have joined the ranks of the Savaiv priests. While still young, you show promise.

Priest of Savaiv

$5 /mo
You have gained experience and have graduated into a full-fledged priest.

Senior Priest of Savaiv

$10 /mo
Your great talents in the Holy system of magic have been found. You quickly ascended the social ladder to achieve the rank of Senior Priest.

Bishop of Savaiv

$25 /mo
After having your talents found, you have since ascended to the esteemed rank of a bishop.

Patriarch/Matriarch of the Saviav Church

$50 /mo
You have become even better than the old fogey Giuseppe himself. Although his son-in-law looks promising, your talents have matured to even surpass the main character of the story.


$100 /mo
You have replaced Savaiv in his heavenly duties. Thank you.