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Daily affirmation and guidance
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This tier gives you astrology transits, with an affirmation, something for you to focus on during the day. This also includes a daily draw from my tarot deck or my runes.

Weekly astrology forecast
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This tier gives you an access to the weekly forecast for each individual sign. It will always include planets that are retrograde, as well as the Full Moon forecast each month. You also get access to the daily affirmation & tarot/rune guidance.

Lunar package
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This tier gives you an access to how the lunar phases affect each sign, particularly the New & Full phase, along with any eclipses. I will also give tips on how best to work with the energy of the Moon when its in a particular sign and position. You also get access to the weekly forecast, as well as the daily guidance and affirmations.

About Sekhmet's Visions

First and foremost:all of my work is here to help you reclaim your power!! Some of you, may have begun following my work after hearing me on the "Missing Witches" podcast. Others have found me through peers, their own findings or word of mouth from previous clients with lovely words about my work.

I'm an intuitive astrologer, but also do intuitive readings, work with other mantic tools for readings, tarot. I also do 1 on 1 work where we do shadow integration, and create a tailored self care plan according to your birth chart, whilst we work on whatever it is you want to address and heal so it no longer has power over you. Minimum work is 2 weeks.

I also have a blog ,and share other written insights about astrology, magic and other esoteric and occult based topics.

Look forward to working with you, thank you for the support. I appreciate every single one of you!
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