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About MadCat

uh yes hello, I'm a Venezuelan, planning to be a content creator and hope to be a critic of almost anything, but I also plan to do gameplay videos, but because of my deafness, which also caused me to be mute, there's next to zero percent chance you'll hear my voice in any of my videos depending on what kind of content I am making.

So for now, with the current PC that I have right now, I'll mostly be uploading War Thunder moments, and then after I get my new PC early-2019 I will do War Thunder montages as well as meme videos like dark souls III shenanigans.

I'm really not sure about talking about my experiences as a deaf person, I might make a goal about that if I ever get any big.

Also, a little bit of donations will go towards escaping Venezuela.

and yeah of course I'm not a major content creator, or at least swiftly being one, but I want to make content for fun. and much like other youtubers nowadays, I don't really know what to create besides uploading montages, so, yeah.

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