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By joining me you will become one of the 1 million people with a Shining Mind. Let's create a healthier MIND world. It is the 21st century and we need to change the way we talk about the brain and mind. The short term goal is to make 1 million minds a little shinier and healthier. The long-term goal is to turn mental health into mind health. Join the 1 million people making Shining Minds and together we can create a healthier MIND world. Every Shining Mind patron will also support the donation of a Shining Mind tool kit to an underprivileged child. When you become a patron you will be supporting:

The SHINING MIND podcast is dedicated to make daily life a little bit better. It is education and tips to free the mind, body and spirit using neuroscience. Neuroscience, brain imaging and the technology revolution have come together to allow us to see inside the brain, and are providing tools and knowledge that allow us to see that the brain can be trained like it is a muscle. Dr Selena Bartlett is the host and a neuroscientist on a mission to change mental health into brain health and help people understand the beauty of the brain. The first series in the show is an contains 10 episodes that is an interview between Dr Selena Bartlett and Jeremy Streich, cofounder of Pera Podcast. We use real life examples that span across the generations and incorporate education about the neuroscience of the mind. Become the boss of the mind and train its weaknesses rather than its strengths and make the mind stronger and resilient. It is the tiniest steps everyday that add up to something fantastic with time and practice.

Using an interview podcast format to create a relatable and practical neuroscience show that contains long and short episodes about relatable facts that can be applied to open the mind, train the body and free the spirit. Listen and see whether you can change your mind about the power of the brain.

In the second series, I am interviewing Women on the Rise: Courage to Succeed. What it took, how they got there and how they stayed and managed a family or not. We are putting female voices into science, business and entrepreneurship that ends up shining a light on people's strength, courage and resilience when faced with obstacles. We talk neuroscience, mind&brain health, fitness, travels, success and failures, tips and tricks. We are so much stronger than we think! Please join in the fun adventure and ping me if you want to share your story.

2. Shining Mind toolkits
We are developing cool and fun mind tools, lessons, graphics and explainer videos and give public lectures to enable more people to become the boss of their brain. I am a neuroscientist that runs a research lab, an entrepreneur and creator of cool and fun brain fitness tools for people to apply to their daily life. The mind and brain needs to be trained like a muscle in the body. I help people understand WHY, and the HOW, the brain gets stuck in a rut and then what to do to change it. My goal is to help people apply the cool tools that train the brain. Life is too short to be stuck in the old brain. "Boss the mind, live your life".

3. Dr Bartlett's research, books and advances in Shining Mind training tools
Dr Bartlett became a neuroscientist when her sister had a mental health problem. Dr Bartlett has dedicated the last 25 years to studying the brain and mind. The series of Shining Mind podcast episodes was created to deliver practical tips that drive a stronger mind, body and spirit on a daily basis. She is a Professor of Neuroscience and has been travelling the world and running research labs that takes the brain down to its smallest pieces and then builds it back up to help real people. The bottom line after searching for mental health solutions- neuroplasticity, brain imaging and digital technology are going to disrupt the mental health space and everyone will be talking about their brain health in the same way they think about their body with physical trainers and gyms. Please join us in the fun and biggest adventure of our lives. You can teach an old dog new tricks!The Shining Mind podcast and the cool tools are simple and fun to tone and strengthen the brain. I apply the principles of neuroplasticity- the ability of the brain to change with daily training. We need a variety of tools because very brain is so different. Because of genetics (the brain's history) and epigenetics (how the brain is changed by the place it lives in, who it hangs out with and the things it has been taught).

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The first 100 people supporting the SHINING MIND project we will receive a personal phonecall and a signed copy of my next book. Plus undying gratitude as we get the SHINING MIND movement flourishing.
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