selene bunny is creating Digital drawing

a cute gift ♥

$1 /mo
Thanks so much ♥ will receive:

- A simple drawing in lineart type half body of the character you request.

Muchas gracias ♥ Recibiras:

-Un dibujo simple en...

A super gift ♥ ♥

$5 /mo
Thank you ♥ will receive:
-A digital drawing (full body no background) of simple colors of a character you want.
-A step by step as was done.
Muchas Gracias ♥ Recibirá...

A super hyper gift ♥ ♥ ♥

$10 /mo
Thank you ♥ will receive:
-two digital drawings (full body and simple background) of simple colors of a characters you want.
-Access to my previous job I'm doing.