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About Rijapega

Hello friend, I'm rijapega and I make a webcomic called S.elf, thanks for cheking my Patreon!

S.elf is a shonen style webcomic about a fictional e-sport game named S.elf (Short for Super Elf) and it's mainly about kids battling in the game, all this to achieve the dream of the National Championship.
If you enjoy franchises like Pokémon, Digimon, Medabots, Yu-Gi-Oh! (You know, the monster collection series) or sport manga/anime like Prince of Tennis, Haikyuu, Hikaru No Go or so many others then S.elf is for you!

The comic is free and updates twice a week Mondays and Fridays, and will continue to be updated this way for the foreseeable future BUT with your help I can make more pages per month!

Making pages takes time, time which I could be spending giving some english classes (Sometimes I give particular lessons to earn some extra income), and with your support I could just spend that time doing what I love... Which is drawing S.elf.

Now, what does your kind patronage give you?

Simply put, the more money I get, the less time I have to spend working and spend it drawing. So every time we reach a new goal I will update my monthly schedule, which initially is around 8 pages per month (though it's subject to change), and if more goals are unlocked I will make more pages, e.g. 10 pages per month, 12 pages per month, 14 pages per month and so on.

The final goal would be to "work" in the comic full time and make around 60ish pages per month (which would be around 4 chapters per month) and with your support we can get there! (Hopefully)

Also there are plenty of cool perks, the minimum tier gives you access to all my pages earlier than in the website with better quality (the website quality is around 500x700 pixels, around 200 kb images, here the images will be at around 1500 x 1900 pixels (And without ads) and my Patron blog in which I will post sketches and a lot of cool stuff.

Other tiers will include extra pages and stuff like that... Maybe even streaming myself while drawing? Though I would need a better internet to stream lol
Frankly I don't know what to include? Let me know what would be cool rewards :D

BUT.. What If the comic never gets any support?

I´m following the Weekly Shonen Jump model of making manga, which if any of you know your manga, the WSJ model is one of cutting unpopular series, if S.elf doesn´t get any traction I will just simply "cancel" it, I have around 20 chapters planned for it (Basically what it would be the series first arc), which if I don't get any patronage should take me some years to achieve and would be its ending. BUT if contrary (And hopefully) the series gets support it will continue. This is a harsh but proven method, Weekly Jump is the publisher of the most popular manga titles in Japan, titles like Naruto, Dragon Ball and One Piece all had to survive cancellation and strive to become the super popular titles they are today. Of course this comic will never reach those levels of popularity, but what I'm trying to say is, I won't be updating a webcomic no one reads or supports, even if I love my comic, I don't see a point in continue doing it if no one supports me.

Basically if the comic gets popular it will continue towards new arcs, if it doesn't I will just finish it at its first arc, similarly to how Weekly Shonen Jump does it in Japan.
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 It sure feels great to earn something from your hard work, I feel super happy :D

Also this money covers the website costs, so I can keep the website running without actually having to pay from my pocket.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts