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About Self.conference

Self.conference is a software conference for everyone. It's half technical talks (from languages and tools to hardware and techniques) and half people talks (from team communication and empathy to diversity, inclusion and mental health). We offer speaker travel help as well as scholarships, and are super proud to be partnered with organizations like Blacks in Technology ( and Tech Inclusive ( 

Why are we on patreon? It's simple: it's really hard to get sponsorships for events focused on topics like diversity and inclusion, and we want to keep ticket prices low enough for anyone to attend. Self.conference is completely volunteer-run, and the organizers don't (and won't) make any money on it now or ever in the future. As a result of all of these things, the organizers generally end up a bit in the red every year. 

Have you been to Self.conference and enjoyed it? Have you just heard about it and really like the idea? If you have a couple extra bucks to spare, we would be eternally grateful to you for helping us out. <3

Check out more about us and our past events at!

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