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About Self-Love Diet

Tips to build a daily Self-Love Diet practice—a practice of regularly offering yourself love. Mother-daughter duo Michelle and Emelina Minero will guide you in building a loving relationship with your spirit, body, thoughts, emotions, relationships, culture, and world. Michelle Minero, MFT has been a marriage and family therapist since 1988 specializing in self-love and body image, she created the Self-Love Diet, wrote "Self-Love Diet: The Only Diet That Works," created an intensive outpatient eating disorder recovery program, co-founded the nonprofit Eating Disorders Recovery Support, Inc, and in 2009, she co-founded the Love Warrior Community with her daughter Emelina Minero. Together, they've hosted the Annual 31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge, offered e-courses, workshops, and talks. Emelina is an education journalist, a former freelance writer for queer publications, and believes in the power of media for healing and creating community. Michelle and Emelina both practice the Self-Love Diet. It has helped Michelle learn to stop emotional eating and learn to love her body as it is. It has helped Emelina to let go of shame around her sexuality, develop a healthy relationship with her emotions, and navigate her lupus diagnosis with love and gratitude. 

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