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About Self Sufficient Me

Firstly, I want to say, thank you!

Your ongoing support inspires and motivates me to continue pursuing a career as a  Lifestyle Blogger and  Video Creator (now also dabbling in Podcasts here on Patreon). 

Self Sufficient Me is about becoming as self-sufficient as we can, or as much as you want to be, by utilising the resources around us and developing a positive, sustainable, inventive mindset.

Instead of having both parents in the workforce, I left my career in the Army and stayed at home to look after our kids. Consequently, we created a happier, healthier, and balanced lifestyle by supplementing the significant loss of income through growing our own food whilst still being able to afford to live in this modern money-driven society.  

Through my videos, writing, and now podcasts I want to share with you how I achieved my goal of "slowing life down a little" by practising self-sufficiency so we, as a family, could spend more quality time together.  

As at the writing of this post, I'm at a crossroads whereby being a home-dad for the past 10 years is coming to an end (our boys don't need someone at home as much now) so it makes sense that I either get back into the workforce or stay devoted to, this, my new online career.

Obviously, if I go back to work for someone else I will still create content but it won't be as much as I would like and that's why your support is so important to me and why I decided to open a Patreon Page.

It's one thing growing our own food and being self-sufficient in that sense, but sharing this information through videos, articles, and other content takes time and a great deal of effort so I do think to request some funding via Patreon by those who support what I do is justifiable.   

Ultimately, my goal is to earn enough out of my online content creation to do this fulltime so I can create even MORE - this is what I truly LOVE doing, and I will do my best to keep creating content about self-sufficiency and other related subjects for as long as possible no matter what happens!

Personally, I'd rather rely on my supporters than Google Ads to keep my content creation viable so when I reach my set goal here on Patreon I will remove display Ads from my Blog so that the online reading experience is cleaner. Promise!

Essentially, not only are you supporting my work but you're helping to free me from Google and the continuing concern about the fickle nature of Ad revenue on YouTube.

Thanks again for your support, words don't do justice when trying to describe  how much I really do appreciate it. 

Mark :)
234 of 1,000 patrons
Reaching this goal will enable me to work full-time on creating content for you guys plus (as promised) I will remove all display Ads from my Website giving a much "cleaner" read for everyone! Thank you :)
P.S Yes, I edited my goal down from 1500 because I'm serious about getting rid of ads on my Website .
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