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Engage with the Mana Seed community and have a voice in future development. At this tier, you'll be able to access patron-only channels on my Discord and cast a vote on which assets I make in the future.

  • Vote on future content
  • Monthly sales on older stuff
  • See previews and W.I.P.s
  • "Patron" role on Discord
  • Exclusive Mana Seed font
Bonus: Download the Animated Candles asset free of charge!
Includes Discord benefits


per month
In addition to everything you get from the $3 tier, you'll get a direct link to the product page for every new asset I create at least 3 weeks before I release it to the general public. During this early access period, you may purchase that asset at a 50% discount.
At this tier and above you'll have access to Seliel's Sketchpad; an assortment of random goodies that didn't make it into public asset packs.
Bonus: Download the Traveler's Camp asset free of charge!
Includes Discord benefits


per month
Just as the $8 tier, but during the 3-week early access period for patrons, you may claim new assets for free (requires itchio/Patreon account integration, and a sense of urgency).
Bonus: Download the Weather Effects asset free of charge!
Includes Discord benefits



About Seliel the Shaper

"Welcome traveler! I am Seliel the Shaper, goddess of the earth and sky, and creator of all precious life. I am creating a magical universe full of beauty and wonder, one pixel at a time, and sharing it with you! These are the building blocks of a fantastic world that YOU can take hold of and shape into your own magnificent vision."

Hi everyone, I'm Seliel, and I am making the "Mana Seed" series of high-quality pixel art game assets. You may have seen it on itchioGameDev Market, or GraphicRiver. This series is inspired by 16-bit RPG classics on the SNES. More specifically Secret of Mana, Seiken Densetsu 3, Chrono Trigger, Secret of Evermore, Tales of Phantasia, Terranigma, Illusion of Gaia, and Star Ocean. If you're an indie developer looking for an affordable collection of beautiful pixel art assets that emulate that style and feel, look no further!

TL;DR, click >>here<< for some direct links to all Mana Seed content!



This is an ambitious long-term project, and I have a lot planned for Mana Seed. One asset pack at a time, I'll be drawing all the graphical resources you need to create a massive and diverse game world. You'll have tilesets featuring a variety of different biomes, from swamps to deserts to aetherial planes. You'll have sprite sheets for heroes, villains, NPCs, and a plethora of fantastical monsters. You'll have item and skill icons, menu GUIs, character portraits, and more. And it will all fit neatly into the same visual theme, with each asset usable alongside all the others for a consistent thematic world. It doesn't matter if you're using RPG Maker, Game Maker Studio, Unity, Godot, or Unreal, Mana Seed is for everyone!

If you have specific questions or need help with something, you are welcome to join the Mana Seed Discord server, even if you're not a patron. There you can get in touch with me or other Mana Seed fans, and hopefully, we can help you make the best game possible 😁👍


When you sign up, you can choose to pledge anywhere from $3 to $64 each month, depending on what you're here for. Each pledge amount offers different benefits, so choose the one that's best for you!

$3 per month (Superfan)
You’ll get the “Patron” role on my Discord server, access to time-limited patron-only discounts on older assets, previews of stuff I’m working on, and you’ll even be able to vote on future assets whenever I run a poll.
Bonus: access the patron-exclusive Mana Seed pixel font and get Animated Candles for free!
This is the minimum buy-in to be part of the patron discourse, but you’ll still get these benefits at all of the higher pledge tiers as well.
$8 per month (Hobbyist)
Whenever I finish a new asset (usually once or twice a month), you’ll have the option to purchase it at a %50 discount during a 3-week early access period, where it will only be available to patrons. Additionally, you'll get access to Seliel's Sketchpad: small usable assets and experiments that don't make it into public releases. 
Bonus: access the patron-exclusive Mana Seed pixel font and get Animated Candles and Traveler's Camp for free!
This is the most budget-friendly pledge tier if you're not going to use everything I make. You can ignore the assets you don't want, then take advantage of early access discounts and patron-only sales to maximize your development budget.
$16 per month (Enthusiast)
Just like the $8 per month tier outlined above, except you’ll actually be able to claim each new asset at no cost if you act within that 3-week early access window. You’ll need to be able to link your Patreon account to your account and act fast to get your free stuff.
Bonus: access the patron-exclusive Mana Seed pixel font and get Animated CandlesTraveler's Camp, and Weather Effects for free!
This is probably the most cost-effective pledge tier if you want all my new stuff. Get everything I make for one monthly expense. But if you fail to claim an asset during the 3-week early access period, you'll miss out!
$32 per month (Supporter)
If you’re a busy bee and don’t think you’ll have time to claim all of my new assets during the 3-week early access window, but you still want everything I make, this is the pledge you want. You can still claim each new asset for free, but I’ll ALSO send you a download key for it, which won’t expire. That means you can take your time and collect your stuff when you’re good and ready.
Bonus: access the patron-exclusive Mana Seed pixel font and get Animated Candles, Traveler's CampWeather Effects, and Monster Battler Set for free!
The whole reason this pledge tier exists is that it takes time for me to create and send out download keys for every new asset (I used to do this twice a month for 50+ patrons and it was a huge time sink and energy drain), so this pledge tier allows you to pay a premium for the convenience of having one. This one is just for devs who want all my new stuff, but don't have time to rush and claim those assets during the early access window.
$64 per month (Benefactor)
In addition to all the stuff you get in all the other tiers, before I publish any new asset, I’ll give you a week-long opportunity to contribute a thematically-appropriate suggestion, which I will then add to the finished product before it’s released. This is a great way to contribute to the future of Mana Seed in a much more direct way than just voting on future content. Do you need a specific type of plant in a forest tileset? A special statue in a city tileset? A custom color swap or animation frame for a new monster? This is the one for you!
Bonus: access the patron-exclusive Mana Seed pixel font and get Animated Candles, Traveler's Camp, Weather EffectsMonster Battler Set, and Steampunk Airship for free!
This tier also includes a couple of additional bonuses, as well. For one, you’ll get the fancy golden “Benefactor” role in my Discord, which gets you access to a private channel where we discuss future Mana Seed content. And even better, whenever I post a time-limited patron-only discount on an older asset (this is typically a monthly sale), you’ll be able to claim that asset for free! This tier will necessarily be limited to a small number of patrons so as to keep my workload manageable.
If you desire to spend more to get more, I am offering limited non-exclusive Mana Seed commissions over on Ko-fi. Feel free to follow me there and grab up a commission slot when one becomes available!

*** The terms of each pledge tier are subject to change without notice. I've been known to completely overhaul my whole Patreon about once a year. ***

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