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Let's Support the healing that is carried out by Syahwir Papude for Humanity.
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Syahwir Papude's Message to President and Vice President of Indonesia:

Semesta Alam Spiritual - Syahwir Papude is a spiritual healer, he is Indonesian. He has been doing the healing about 3 years now, by the permission of God a lot of people have been healed by him. Syahwir Papude does't set the cost of the healing, it depends on the sincerity of the patient it self, even it's free for the needy. 

The healing is carried out spiritually, by the permission of God he can heal all medical/non-medical diseases. The Healing is carried out with several different methods, such as: surgery, needle stabbing, touch, invisible surgery, etc.

The healing is carried out without anesthesia, without bleeding, without infection, and the patient is completely conscious. The healing is carried out only about several minutes (usually 5-10 minutes), after the healing is finished patient can go straight home, usually no need to go back to the healing place, but it may be needed just in some cases of diseases.

Must be noted, the healing is carried out spiritually, so in some
cases it can't be equated with conventional healing, because
those are completely different. We've got lots of questions
from viewers about non sterility because syahwir papude
performed the surgery without gloves etc, we can confirm
that Everything is fine and managed well.

Can heal and Solve all Medical, such as:
HIV/AIDS, tumor, cancer, polyp, minus eye, paralysis
heart disease, boils, hernia, vertigo, kidney illness,
diabetes, insanity, stop smoking/drugs etc. (ALL)
or non Medical problems, such as:
Poltergeist, possessed, etc. (ALL)

1. Diseases that have been removed from the surgery
can be tested in laboratory.
2. You can document and record all things that happen
throughout the healing process.
3. Please contact us first when you're going to visit us
at the practice location by calling Syahwir Papude
(if you speak Indonesian, he only talks indonesian)
If you speak english, etc, you can contact us on social
media down below, we will answer as best as possible.
4. Join our Facebook Group to know more about the

For more information contact us:
Syahwir Papude Phone/WA 0813-7456-3900 (Only Indonesian)
Jl.Rasuna Said No.102, Rt/Rw.08 Kelurahan Kampung Manggis,
Kecamatan Padang Panjang Barat, Provinsi Sumatera Barat,
Indonesia. (Available on Google Maps:
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God Bless You ^^

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