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        About Semjan & Lermann

        We are two artists from Munich, Germany, who are working together since 2010 on different exhibitions. The conceptual background of our works is mainly rooted in contemporary data culture. A huge amount of data exchange is flooding our desk as well as our private life every day. This is the right time for art forms that are capable to document, picture and keep record of the stream of data and occurrences that are relevant to our modern life. We think that art has its own strategies to organize the world.

        Digital art forms are entering the art world and the gallery spaces, but in a time where you own an Instagram pic, you don't need to owe the artwork itself anymore. Therefore we looking for people on Patreon, who want to be part of what we create by backing and supporting our projects and exhibitions. Digital Art is challenging and often inherits a special humor. 

        The two main shows we have done have a clear concept: to explain the world with significant statistics and timeline chronics from politics, culture, law, economy, finance, medicine, nature sciences and history of brands and luxury goods, all these fields together being the core of modern society. 

        We are currently working on our next media art show. One big element will be a row of receipt printers that are printing live tweets on endless receipt paper. Watch one in action:

        Now imagine ten or more of them, running for days and weeks, piling up paper around them, making these strange noises. We want to have the hardware costs for this and as well as for the others exhibits covered and need a little financial help with this. 

        You can also watch the video at the top of the page on "The Eternal Timeline Show" and take a look at our website dive more into what we are doing.

        To be continuously able to produce high-level media art without having to make cuts here and there, we would be glad to have you as one of our patrons!
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        Help us to get our next major show to one of the big art cities in Europe. It will feature brand new media art installations as well as some updated exhibits of our two past successful exhibitions "The Grand Insolvency Show" and "The Eternal Timeline Show". The budget helps us to buy the hardware we need and get a location that lives up to hat we are planning to do.  
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