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Nemo shoots espresso more aggressively than he shoots whiskey. This is a general support tier. If you're looking to just help us out (and support Nemo's vices), it's just $5 a month to keep us caffeinated and chugging along over here. 

We appreciate y'all.
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If you have listened to all of our episodes, you might have heard about some of Andi's nicknames... Baby Rocks is one of them. 

Our Baby Rocks Club is for our listeners who are in it to win it with us. Get some exclusive gear and access to flash sales for our merch and more. Plus, we'll throw your name into our show notes as a thanks!
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If you join this club with us, you're here for the ride. It gets wild.

For our Shitty Whiskey Club members, we'll host monthly zoom chats with Nemo & Andi, where we drink together and shoot the shit for a bit. 

Oh, and you get a shirt with our podcast name slapped across the chest, so you can advertise to the world that you need them to.... Send Whiskey.
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About Send Whiskey Podcast

Twist & Tailor founders, Andi Whiskey & Nemo talk about whiskey, bars, the food & beverage industry, and sprinkle in tips on how to elevate your craft as a bartender or business in the booze industry. Twist & Tailor is a food & beverage consultancy agency. Nemo is our creative director and Andi is the agency director. We work with distilleries and bars regularly, and this podcast is us sitting down with them while we sip whiskey and talk about business, whiskey, and everything in between. You can follow us at

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