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Hello and thanks for dropping by.
My name is Lars Larsen, also known as Senji, the creator and artist of the webcomic Left Below as well as cofounder and artist of Princess Guard, both of which can be read on my own website senji-comic.
So if you enjoy comics, Please help me by becoming a patron, you'll help offset the living costs of me, the cartoonist. That means more comics for you!

If you’re new to Patreon, think of it as an ongoing microKickstarter, with the donation goals being small enough for anyone to contribute. This is mostly an experiment but if it works out, I’ll continue using Patreon for future projects.

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Living expenses.
my eternal gratitude.

I want to clarify that senji-comics is NOT becoming a…

Pay-to-read comic
Subscription based comic
Comic only produced through donations

Making a pledge is by far the simplest way for you to show your support for the comics in a very real and tangible way. You're always welcome to the site. Drawing has been my passion for a long time and I feel fortunate that so many people enjoy my work.
However by being a senji-comics Patreon you will receive some neat rewards, be sure to check those out below.
Disclaimer, goals and pledges might change pending circumstances.

My comics?
Well, yeah, it makes sense that you’d want to know more about them, so here you go!

1. Left Below. (Currently running).

Left below is my own webcomic that follows the protagonists, Minnie and Junior, based on the original designs by Bleedman from his comic, Grim Tales.
Minnie, a sweet kind hearted young girl, spends her days the same way as anyone other young girl her age.
She goes to school, hang out with her friends, enjoys shopping, and the occasional strawberry shortcake.
That is until one day, as she’s helping a seemingly sweet old lady find her way home, but her kind gesture merely results in her being attacked by a creature she’s never seen before, a monster that changes her very view of the world. A reaper.
Only by pure luck does she manage to escape with her life thanks to the intervention of Junior.
But Jr. is not your typical “hero”, for he too is a Reaper, an undead skeleton boy known as a traitor to his own kind. Can she survive, now that she’s been pulled into this bloodstained hidden new world of monsters, demons and magic?

2. Princess Guard. (work in progress).

Princess Guard is a joint venture between AngriestAngryArtist, Bee Are, ErMao Wu and me as the main artist.
Check out our progress right here in Tapastic!
It is a time of peace. For the last ten years, across the world of Zoeus, the nationshave prospered in harmony. Amidst an international festival celebrating the world's victory over darkness, a tournament is held in the capital city of Serenity to determine the youngest daughter's personal escort and bodyguard: The Princess Guard

6% complete
I'll star make a extra comic strip staring the characters from my comics.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 38 exclusive posts

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