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1. By selecting this tier you will be 1 of 10 Patreons that will receive a monthly sketch request. We will draw you just about anything within reason. (This is just a sketch not a finished illustration, request will be taken at our discretion so make sure not to make the request to complicated.)

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1. Select this tier and we will draw your OC in our style, once a month we will feature them somewhere as a cameo in our Webtoon, 'What's Your Future?'. (DM us on Patreon with details of your OC like what they look like and their personality.)

2. Also when you select this tier we will send you a hand drawn art card of one of our OCs as a thank you. (If you prefer a digital drawing please let us know.)

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About senpaiverse

We like to make Webcomics and Youtube Animations. 
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When we hit this goal we will create a Patreon only monthly webcomic based on ideas from our Patreons, you'll be able to help tell an original story with us!
This goal will pay for all our monthly subscriptions to our Webtoon creating programs (Photoshop, Microsoft Word ext.) 
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