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The world is changing––rapidly…

The age of command and control is over and people all over the world are demanding a new, revolutionary type of leadership.

They want leaders who care––courageous, compassionate leaders who place service above selfish ends.

This type of leadership has been around for a very long time––in the martial arts. It’s the leadership embodied by THE SENSEI.

THE SENSEI is someone who Inspires, Empowers and Guides people their very best––

THE SENSEI earns the Respect, Trust and Loyalty of followers by leading with Courage, Compassion and Wisdom.

That’s the type of leader we support and develop at THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT. Human-centric leaders who care deeply about the people they serve.

That’s the type of leader we need more of in this world in business, in politics and in our communities.

Your consistent support here on Patreon gives us the means to support and develop this type of leader.

Your generosity allows us to create and provide a wide variety of free online training and services.

You give us the means to expand the scope of our work, grow our network and promote the values of SENSEI LEADERSHIP around the world––

We are grateful that you’re a Patron and we’re glad to offer an exclusive suite of benefits to show our appreciation and sincerely hope you’ll take full advantage!

Leadership has nothing to do with ranks, titles or positions. Genuine leadership is Inspiring, Empowering and Guiding others to their very best. You don’t need a rank or title to do that!

That’s the measure of an authentic leader––and the research shows that more and more––that’s the measure of a highly effective leader too.

That’s THE SENSEI LEADER. And we thank you for supporting our mission!

Our sole mission at THE SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT is to support and develop human-centric leaders. This means leaders who care. Leaders with Courage, Compassion and genuine Wisdom. Leaders who Inspire, Empower and Guide others to their very best.

And it means leaders at all levels from aspiring leaders to leaders with the highest aspirations––in business and politics, in our communities and in our homes.

Your support helps us develop and distribute resources to support these leaders around the world including, but certainly not limited to:

  • Online programs
  • Workshops & webinars
  • Blogs
  • Podcasts
  • Live events
  • Volunteer projects

Don't just contribute! Participate!

We sincerely hope you'll take advantage of these resources for your own development and to develop effective, caring leaders in your organization.

"I learned how to transform myself from a loser to a leader––from a drug addict and dropout to a black belt, and later a Sensei. Now I share these lessons, as well as the lessons I learned in my more than 30 year journey in martial arts to help develop truly human-centric leaders. People dedicated to serving the people who trust in their leadership."
~Jim Bouchard, Founder

We are also dedicated to several volunteer initiatives. Your support helps us expand our commitment to developing leaders in a number of underserved populations including incarcerated youth and developing nations.

We are tremendously grateful for your support and sincerely hope you'll participate as much as possible in SENSEI LEADER MOVEMENT activities!

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