is creating TIBCO Spotfire Server administration tools
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Level 1 - Microsoft SQL Server
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This level is for Microsoft SQL Server to ensure that your database environment is up-to-date and stable for the Spotfire Server.

 Included at this level is:

  • Microsoft SQL Update powershell script 
Level 2 - Spotfire Prerequisites
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At this level you receive the Spotfire Server prerequisite software scripts to ensure that your Spotfire Server is running the latest prerequisite software like Java and NET Framework.

Included at this level is:

  • Level 1 - Microsoft SQL Server
  • Spotfire Server Prerequisite Software Powershell Script

About SenzDigital

Hi, welcome to our page. At SenzDigital, we enjoy building and developing various scripts that makes sure your Spotfire Server is that little bit better and lot more efficient. With our collection of scripts and tools, we include:
  • A Spotfire Server Prerequisite Powershell Script that installs or updates your Spotfire Server so that prerequisites such as Net Framework and Java Runtime are up-to-date and optimally stable.
  • SQL Server Update Powershell Script, that upgrades and patches your Microsoft SQL Server to the latest service packs and patches. This ensures your database is optimally stable and patched to provide a stable Spotfire Server environment to your users. Supported versions are 64bit editions of 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017.
  • Various Spotfire Database Maintenance Stored Procedures that ensures that the Spotfire Server databases have the optimal settings for better performance, simpler administration and an more enjoyable user experience.
  • Various tools and templates for Spotfire Administrators

Development Tracker
  • SQL Update Powershell Script - Complete with future periodic updates for latest patches.
  • Spotfire Prerequisite Software Powershell Script - Complete with future periodic updates for latest software.
  • Spotfire Database Maintenance Stored Procedures:
    • Microsoft SQL Database Server settings for optimal Spotfire performance - Complete
    • Spotfire Server Database / Action Log Database settings for optimal performance - Complete
    • Spotfire User License Maintenance - Testing
    • Spotfire Library Permission Maintenance - Testing
    • Action Log Maintenance - Testing
    • Domain Migration Tool / Stored Procedure for moving user licenses and library access permissions To be developed
  • Spotfire Administration Support Tools such as:
    • Jira Service Desk template for access requests and service desk requests -To be developed

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