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Welcome to Sèphera's World on Patreon!


Welcome to Sèphera's World!

Your support means the world to me!

I post a lot of blogs in here about my life which I consider part of the creative process. I have many interests and this Patreon platform has mutated a lot since I first began. I'm a writer but I also am an actor and a bit of a curious cat who likes to explore all kinds of things. 

You may be familiar with my twenty published books and a couple of dozen short stories! Or not!

My acting has led me through theatre shows and movies including Slime City Massacre and Killer Rack. I am also a background performer on television shows and movies.

I have finally launched my Twitch channel at Sephera666 

I still have my YouTube channel at Sephera's YouTube Channel

Currently, I'm co-producer for The Great Lakes Horror Company podcast. Check us out on iTunes and other cool places! Great Lakes Horror Company Podcast

You can find my previously published Leisure novels at Crossroads Press: Crossroad Press

Most of my work that is still in print is available on most platforms: Sephera's Amazon Author Page

Please check out my Witch Upon a Star series! I'm working on the next one in the series.

There are now FIVE  courses on Udemy that I teach and my patrons receive coupons to take these courses!

You will see coupons and full books and stories behind the wall which various levels can access. 

My patrons were thanked in my "Samhain books," which have been republished by Scarlett Publishing, A  Penny Saved and Captured Souls (Scarlett Publishing).

My current patrons of a specific level ($10 a month) plus all the patrons who have consistently hung in with me over the last year or two or three are thanked in my brand new book, Taurus: A Hearse of a Different Color! 

I've begun the next book in the Witch Upon a Star series, Gemini. Patrons who pledge $10 or more for August will be thanked in Gemini which is coming out in October. 

Patrons who contribute $10 a month or more for three months will be in the acknowledgments of S.O.R.A.N. and receive a print copy, should there be one.

With Patreon, you pay as you go. You can pledge $1 a month, (which means you bought me a coffee and boy do I love coffee!), or more as you see fit. You can eject from the ride at any time.

 Accountability to the patrons who believe in me is a magnificent motivator to stay on target and complete my missions. Your generosity ensures that my survival as an artist can endure ripples in the road when there are extra issues such as dental care, equipment malfunction, or transportation issues.

Thank you and I hope to see you on the other side!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 731 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 731 exclusive posts

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